Webcomic: ‘Why The Fox Runs’ (2015-2016)

‘A shape-shifter running from a devastating mistake sets out to kill the only other living being who knows the truth – an immortal hound.

Inspired by the Greek myth paradox ‘the fox that cannot be caught’ and ‘the hound that never misses its prey’.

Why the Fox Runs is set in a world where powerful deities walk the earth, many of whom are as corrupt as the lowest of humans.’

A comic project that I started creating pages for mid-2015. I wrote the story, designed all the characters, the layouts, and painted all the pages (Adobe Photoshop).

With some pages, I was assisted with page composition in the sketch stage by Toby Parry.

It can also be found here on the webcomic site, Tapastic, where it was made a featured comic in March 2016: http://tapastic.com/series/Why-The-Fox-Runs

Writer, artist, designer